For a long time, we have been researching into how to print our designs in Nigeria. There were so many options and numerous possibilities. Out of them all, one of them appeared more sustainable and cost friendly in terms of set up; the hand printing technique.

We began experimenting and working daily to perfect the technique; sourcing for the best ink to use, the best materials to use and training our women.

Now, we have a team of skilled women, daily hand printing African inspired patterns on carefully sourced fabrics using eco-friendly ink.

Presently, we can print six yards in a day and as many clothings from designers as possible.

We are excited about the endless possibilities this technique holds for the fashion and interior design industry in Nigeria. Designers can have their ideas printed on any fabric of their choice so as to tell their brand story. We have worked with eight designers between 2019 and 2020 to create and print custom made hand printed fabrics for their brand. We also have a range of exclusive hand printed fabrics for super stylish people and celebrities.

All our Hand printed fabrics printed by women in our Lagos studio.

We look forward to increasing our production volume to forty yards daily in twelve months from now.

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